weekly workouts for 8/22-8/28/11 
Hi Everyone,

The weekly workouts are:

8/23/11- Tuesday Night Tempo Runs at Spring Farm/Mohonk Preserve 6:15pm. We do approx. 70-90 minutes of total running with 30 min at tempo pace. The workout can be modified for individual needs

8/26/11- Friday Night Track Session. This week we are at the Suny New Paltz track. Be warmed up and ready for faster running at 6:15pm. It's an interval style workout conducted by Coach Mike Barnow. The workout usually consists of two types of workouts one for "marathoners" and another for people focusing on shorter races. Mike is great at making individual modifications for people based on age, experience,skill,conditioning etc etc

8/28/11- Sunday Long Runs 8:30am at Spring Farm/Mohonk Preserve- We start off together and people run anywhere from one hour to three hours based on who comes and how far they want to run. The more the merrier.

As always all are welcome1 For more info call steve at 845-339-5474 or email ssrun54@aol.com

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workouts for 8/15-8/21/11 
Hi Everyone,

The workouts for the week are:

Tuesday 8/16/11 Tuesday Night Tempo Run Spring Farm/Mohonk- We start with easy running at 6:15pm We will probably use the Guyot's Hill loop this week :)

Friday 8/19/11 Friday Night track session at Rondout Valley High School Kyserike Rd. Accord, NY be warmed up and ready for faster running at 6:15pm

Sunday 8/21/11 Longer run at Spring Farm/Mohonk Preserve 8;30am

Remember all are welcome :)


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Friday Night Track Workout 8/12/11 Suny New Paltz 6:15pm 
Hi Everyone,

There will be a Friday Night track workout at Suny New Paltz on 8/12/11.
This workout is conducted by Coach Mike Barnow. Be warmed up and ready for faster running at 6:15pm. All are welcome

:) steve

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Sunday Long run 8/7/11 
Hi Everyone,

We had a good turnout for our Sunday long run at Spring Farm.

I wound up running 3 hours and 17 min. The first hour I ran with Suzy Q and her dog then headed out on my own. On my way through the gravel pit I was reminded of the ugliness of industrialism and of oil refineries I had seen in La. and Tx. On my way up to the Tower I was in a groove and thought of the simplicity and "purity" of running. After a while, with the dew point over 70, I began to understand wars over water rights and why some people carry water on runs. On my way back to Spring Farm I got lost and began to pray to the water gods.

When I got to my car I had no water! I drove down into High Falls and stopped at that little deli/cafe. I bought a Gatorade and then ordered a carrot/cucumber/apple and oj juicer. It was a bit pricey but I think I'm now hooked. I wonder what next week's Sunday run will bring?
:) steve

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weekly workouts and events for 8/8/11 -8/14/11 
Hi Everyone,

The workouts and events for this week are:

Monday 8/8/11- Fun Run and Awards of the New Paltz Summer Series. You can run 3,4,5 miles on the rail trail. There will be a kids 1/2 mile and one mile fun run. Park at the Huguenot Street Historical Society. We organize in the parking lot of the Huguenot St. Cooperative Nursery School opposite the Old Dutch Reformed Church on Huguenot Street. Right in heart of the Old Stone House District. Kids at 6:30pm adults at 7pm

Tuesday 8/9/11- Tuesday Night Tempo Runs are back! 6:15pm Spring Farm/Mohonk Preserve approx 75-90 min of total running with segments adding up to 30 min of tempo running.

Wednesday 8/10/11- Kingston Summer XC Series at Twin Lakes on Lucas Ave just south of Hurley. 6:45pm for kids and 7pm for adults

Friday 8/12/11- Friday Night track workout at Suny New Paltz. This workout is conducted by Coach Mike Barnow. Be warmed up and ready for faster running at 6:15pm.

Sunday 8/14/11 Longer Run Spring Farm 8:30am

All are welcome
For more info contact steve at ssrun54@aol.com or 845 339-5474

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