weekly workouts and other stuff :) 
Weekly workouts:

Tuesday 4/17/12 Tempo Run at Spring Farm/Mohonk Preserve 6pm - given that many of us ran teh Kingston Classic 10k it will be a milder run

Friday 4/20/12 Track session at Suny new Paltz lets be ready to run the faster stuff by 6:15pm then the big Club Meeting at Tomi/Jon's house 14 High Ridge Rd new Paltz meeting starts at 7:30pm

other stuff i need a few more volunteers for Rays Run at DIetz Stadium volunteer meeting will be at 11:30pm

Rays Run 4 mile race 3k walk Sunday 4/22/12 12:30pm start various kids races around 1:15pm- race flyer at www.mhrrc.org- great friendly oommunity run- t-shirts refreshments raffle prizes awards well organized etc etc

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weekly workouts 4/10/12 and 4/13/12 
Tuesday Night Tempo Run 4/10/12 6pm, Spring Farm/ Mohonk Preserve- A touch eaise tonight and less volume given racing at Kingston Classic Sunday

Friday Night Track session 4/13/12 Suny New Paltz Track 6pm warmup faster running begins at 6:25pm

Two Remiders
4/22/12 Rays Run 12:30pm Kingston Dietz Stadium 4mile race, 2 mile walk and various kids races (on the track) www.onteorarunners.org

5/5/12 Rock and Snow Bridge 2 Bridge 5 Mile Carriage Trail run/race Spring Farm Mohonk Preserve www.mohonkpreserve.org/rock-and-snow-bridge-2-bridge-run ace time

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weekly workouts 43/12 and 4/6/12 
Hi Everyone

the workouts this week are:

Tuesday NIght Tempo Run 4/3/12 Spring Farm Mohonk Prserve 6pm last week we ran 80 min 24 min at tempo pace

Friday Night track session 4/6/12 Suny new Paltz trck 6pm warmup faster running about 6:25pm COach Mike barnow is good at modifying workout for all last week we had a nice turnout varied ages and genders age range was 17-77 All ARE WELCOME THIS IS A GOOD GROUP WORKOUT BECAUSE NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND :)

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Friday Night track/ Link for Rock and Snow Bride 2 Bridge 5 Mile Race  
Hi Everyone,

There is a Friday Night track workout at suny tonight 3/23/12 warm up begins at 6pm

There is also a link for the Rock and Snow Bridge 2 Bridge 5 mile Race that we are co-hosting with the Mohonk Preserve on our home page of www.shawangunkrunners.org. This race will be limited to 300 runners so register NOW

We ran over the course for our Tuesday Night Tempo Run and I think people are just going to love it. It's much more "accessible" then the Paltz Point 10 miler- It's half the distance, all carriage trails, and nowhere near the elevation changes. It's very much "flat and fast" but on beautfilul carriage paths(no single track>.

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Tuesday Night Tempo Run now back at Spring Farm/ weekly workouts 3/20 and 3/23 
3/20/12Tuesday Night Tempo Runs are now back at Spring Farm/Mohonk Preserve. For 3/20 and 3/27/12 we will meet at 5:30pm and get running by 5:40pm

Friday Night track sessions are now outside at the Suny New Paltz outdoor track. Warmups begin at 6pm with faster running about 6:25pm Coach Mike Barnow conducts our Friday night workouts

As always all are welcome

:) Steve

PS remember to check out the Rock and Snow Bridge 2 Bridge 5 Mile Race that the Shawangunk Runners are co-hosting. Go to www.mohonkpreserve.org see the link on the right side of their homepage :) Runner limit of 300 and registration is on the aforementioned website

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