Friday Night Track Workout 4/8/11 
HI Yes, We have a Friday Night track session for 4/8/11- warm up at 6pm faster running at 6:30pm steve ;)

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Tuesday Night Tempo Rn 4/5/11 6pm 
Hi Everyone. We will have a Tuesday Night Tempo Run tonight 4/5/11 at Deitz Stadium in Kingston. We will warm up at 6pm and start faster running at 6:30pm. Total running will be approximately 75 minutes- 30 minutes of warming up, 30 min of Tempo running, and 15 cooling down. All are welcome :) steve

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Friday Night TracK 4/1/11 isOn! 
Hi Everyone, Tonight's track workout at Suny New Paltz is on as scheduled on the outdoor track. Yea no snow! 6pm warm up and faster running at 6:30pm All are welcome

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Friday Night track 4/1/11 also Rays Run 4/3/11 
Hi Our track workout tomorrow night 4/1/11 is tentative given the weather forecast. "Lets play it by ear" and see how much snow accummalation there is and if the snow stops by late afternoon. If the snow fall is lighter then predicted and the roadways are good we can always run on the internal roads of Suny New Paltz or use Huguenot Street. I'll post by 4:15pm (Friday). If conditions seem ok lets meet at 6pm and we can be done before it gets dark. Please check back tomorrow for an update :) steve ps don't forget Rays' Run is Sunday it's a 4 mile race/run start time is 12:30pm at Deitz Stadium- can turn it into a "longer run" by doing a nice long warm up and cool down. Picture is from Rays' Run and it was Matt's first race

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weekly workouts 3-28- 4-3-11 also Rays' Run 4 miler/2mile walk -kids races 
Hi Everyone, Tuesday Night Tempo Run 3/29/11 at Deitz Stadium uptown Kingston 6pm warm up faster running at 6:30pm

Friday Night track 4/1/11 Suny New paltz outdoor track 6pm warmup faster intervals at 6:30pm

Sunday Long Run 4/3/11 suggestion- Participate in the 4 mile Rays' Run. Do a good long warm up on the rail trail one minute away and then run the 4 miler and then a nice long cool down on the rail trail. Rays' Run goes off at 12:30pm- It's a very nice event raises scholarship money for high school xc and track runners- a race/run done by runners for runners. Info/application on home page of this website

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