Tuesday Night Tempo Run now back at Spring Farm/ weekly workouts 3/20 and 3/23 
3/20/12Tuesday Night Tempo Runs are now back at Spring Farm/Mohonk Preserve. For 3/20 and 3/27/12 we will meet at 5:30pm and get running by 5:40pm

Friday Night track sessions are now outside at the Suny New Paltz outdoor track. Warmups begin at 6pm with faster running about 6:25pm Coach Mike Barnow conducts our Friday night workouts

As always all are welcome

:) Steve

PS remember to check out the Rock and Snow Bridge 2 Bridge 5 Mile Race that the Shawangunk Runners are co-hosting. Go to www.mohonkpreserve.org see the link on the right side of their homepage :) Runner limit of 300 and registration is on the aforementioned website

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weekly workouts 3/13/12 and 3/16/12 
Hi Everyone,

3/13/12 Tuesday Night Tempo Run Deitz Stadium Uptown Kingston 6pm warmup , faster running at 6:25pm then a cooldown. (soon we will move back to spring farm/mohonk preserve for our tuesday night workouts-stay tuned)

3/16/12 Friday Night Track -outdoors at Suny new paltz -warmup begins at 6pm faster running at 6;25pm. This workout is conducted by Coach Mike Barnow

*** If I dont post workouts assume that they will be on Tuesday and Fridays per above times/places. I will always post changes or cancellations*****

:) Steve

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weekly workouts 3/6/12 and 3/9/12 
3/6/12 Tuesday Tempo Runs 6pm warm up faster running 6:25pm Deitz Stadium Kingston


outdoor track workouts to begin 3/16/12 outdoor Suny new paltz track 6pm warmup

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Rock and Snow Bridge 2 Bridge Run/ Mohonk Preserve-Spring Farm 
Hi Everyone,

On May 5, 2012 the Shawangunk Runners will be hosting a new race at the Mohonk Preserve/Spring Farm. If you like the Mohonk Preserve Paltz Point race or the races the Shawangunk Runners put on you will like this new race. It will be a 5 miler using the carriage trails. It will have easier footing and not be as hilly at Paltz Point. It will have the organization of PP and the atmosphere of a Shawangunk Runners race. It is being generously sponsored by Rock and Snow of New Paltz. It is the Rock and Snow Bridge 2 Bridge Run. P&G's Restaurant of New Paltz will be providing its great soup for the event. All proceeds will go to the Mohonk Preserve. The race will be limited to 300 runners so sign up now! For more info go to www.mohonkpreserve.org/index.php?b2brun

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Team for Kingston Classic 10k 4/15/12 
The Kingston Classic 10k on 4/15/12 in Kingston will be having a team race- anyone interested in running on our team at the Kingston Classic 10k please email me at ssrun54@aol.com :) Steve S

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