weekly workout 2/6/12-2/12/12 
What season of the year is it?

Weekly workouts are:

2/7/12- Tuesday Night Tempo Run at Deitz Stadium uptown Kingston- warmup begins at 6pm, tempo portion at 6:25pm and then a cool down-all are welcome

2/10/12 Friday Night Track workout indoors at SUNY New Paltz Wellness Center. Arrive after 5:45pm, check in at the front desk, faster running to begin about 6:15pm- these workouts are conducted by Coach Mike Barnow- If you are not sure if you are on the list of names at front desk for entry email me at ssrun54@aol.com

There are a variety of weekend runs and workout groups for contact info or further info email me at the above address

:) Steve

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Tuesday Tempo Run report 
Hi Everyone,

We had a good turnout at the Tuesday Night tempo Run at deitz Stadium-perhaps, it was the warm weather. We did 2x 8 min and then a third segment of 8-14 minutes by choice. We do a tempo workout every Tuesday at Deitz Stadium in uptown Kingston. We begin our warnmup at 6pm and get started with the tempo running at 6;25pm then we do a short cooldown. All are welcome. When the track is covered with ice/snow we use the well plowed well lit "Bowl" around the stadium 675m per loop

:) Steve

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weekly workouts for 1/30-2/5/12 
Hi Everyone,

This weeks workouts are:

1/31/12 Tuesday Night Tempo Run at Deitz Stadium warm up begins at 6pm, tempo running at 6:25pm and then a cool down

2/3/12 Friday Night Track indoors at Suny New Paltz Wellness Ctr arrive after 5:45pm faster running to start around 6:15pm. If you not sure if you are on the list of names for Friday night workouts just send me an email at ssrun54@aol.com and I will check and get your name on

2/5/12 MHRRC Pete Sanfilippo Winter Run 5 mile race- Low key but very well done race- more info www.mhrrc.org

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weekly workouts 1/23/12-1/29/12 

Tuesday 1/24/12 Tuesday Night Tempo Run 6pm deitz Stadium warmup, tempo segments, cooldown

Frday 1/27/12 Friday Night track indoors at Suny New Paltz Wellness Center- check in after 5:45pm faster running at 6:15pm - contact me at ssrun54@aol.com to make sure your on the indoor roster and bring photo ID last week the process was easy and smooth

On Sat and Sundays there are several group runs contact me for further info

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weekly workouts 1/15-1/22/12 
Hi Everyone,

A bit nippy this morning but with 3 layers on i was fine. Did 13 hilly miles in Stone Ridge

1/17/12 Tuesday Night tempo Run Deitz Stadium 6pm warmup
1/19/12 Indoor track meet Thursday Night At the Races NYC 800, 1500 5k and 3k

1/20/12 Track session either indoors at SunY wellness Center or outdoors at DSeitz Stadium -will update later in week

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