weekly workouts 1/15-1/22/12 
Hi Everyone,

A bit nippy this morning but with 3 layers on i was fine. Did 13 hilly miles in Stone Ridge

1/17/12 Tuesday Night tempo Run Deitz Stadium 6pm warmup
1/19/12 Indoor track meet Thursday Night At the Races NYC 800, 1500 5k and 3k

1/20/12 Track session either indoors at SunY wellness Center or outdoors at DSeitz Stadium -will update later in week

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weekly workouts 1/9/12-1/15/12 
Hi Everyone,

The workouts this week are:

1/10/12 Tuesday Night Tempo Runs- Deitz Stadium uptown Kingston 6pm warmup, 6:25 tempo segment and then a cool down

1/13/12 Friday Night Track -as of now we are still outside using the Deitz Stadium track be warmed up and ready for faster running at 6:15pm. I will get there about 5:50pm to start my warm up

*** On Thursday 1/19/12 several of us are going down to the 168st Armory in Upper Manhattan to run the Thursday Night at the Track Races. Doors opens at 6pm first event is at 7pm. the program will be women's 3k, men's 5k, 800, 1500, and a 4x 400 relay. For more info/car pooling contact me at ssrun54@aol.com

:) Steve

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weekly workouts 1/2/12-1/8/12 
Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a nice New Years. As for me I say bring on 2012 I'm ready!

Workouts this week:

Tuesday Night Tempo Run 1/3/12 warmup begins 6pm Deitz Stadium- tempo running at 6:25pm and then a cooldown Yes, its going to be cold so dress right!

Friday Night Track 1/6/12 Deitz Stadium - be warmed up and ready for faster running at 6:15pm. Very shortly we will be moving these workouts inside to the Suny New Paltz Wellness Center. The insurance/paperwork is being processed so stay tuned!

Sunday Run- I'm taking a hiatus from organizing/posting these runs. There is snow falling right now and we will soon be off the trails. We will resume the Spring Farm sunday runs come early spring. There are several Saturday and Sunday group runs being done on a very friendly/informal basis and I'm going to avail myself of them.

Steve :)

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weekly workouts 12/26/11-1/1/12 
Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I know I am :)

The Workouts for this week 12/26/11-1/1/12 are:

Tuesday 12/27/11 Tuesday Night Tempo Run at Deitz Stadium- warmup begins at 6pm and tempo running around 6:25pm

Friday 12/30/11 Friday Night Track Workout at Deitz Stadium- be warmed up and ready for faster running at 6:15pm

Sunday 1/1/12 Sunday Long Run being the holiday there is not a scheduled run

All are welcome!

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Friday Night Track Workout 
Hi Everyone,

I did get all my shopping done! There will be a Friday Night workout 12/23/11 at Deitz Stadium . Be warmed up and ready for faster running at 6:15pm- I will get to the stadium at 5:50pm to start my warmup- Happy Holidays

:) steve

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