Weekly workouts for 12/12-12/18/11 and Santapede report 
HI Evryone,

I am happy to report that the Shawangunk Runners kept their victory streak in the "Santapede" division at the Kingston YMCA Reindeer Ramble 5k intact. The 6 runners tied together in festive garb were led by Margaux Seche who ran a PB 25:05. Towed along were Beth Glace, Tomi Stern, Dave Seche, Dan Freedman and Steve Schallenkamp. Margaux was very impressed with our singing voices

Workouts for the week are:

12/12/11- Tuesday Night Tempo Run 6pm Deitz Stadium uptown Kingston. Total run will be approx 75 minutes with approx 30 minutes at "tempo" pace. This workout is easily adapted for individual needs.

12/16/11- Friday Night track session at Deitz Stadium- be warmed up and ready for faster running at 6:15pm

12/18/11 Sunday Long Run Spring Farm/Mohonk Preserve 8:30am

For more detail contact me at ssrun54@aol.com or 845-339-5474

All are Welcome :) Steve

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Weekly workouts 12/5/11-12/11/11 
Hi Everyone ,
This weeks workouts are:

12/6/11- Tuesday Night tempo runs at Deitz Stadium uptown Kingston warmup at 6pm. 30 minutes of tempo intervals- total running with warmup and cool down approx 75 minutes- this workout is easily modified for individual needs,abilities and conditioning levels

12/9/11 Friday Night track session at Deitz Stadium be warmed up and ready for faster running at 6:15pm

12/11/11- Sunday Long Run 8:30am Spring Farm/Mohonk Preserve. People will run 8 miles and upwards I will do approx 10-13 miles then go up and participate in a "santapede" at the Reinder Ramble at the Kingston YMCA- a santapde is 5-7 runners tied together wearing festive holiday themed costumes.

Remember all are always welcome :) stevee

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Hi Everyone,

Someone asked if 2011 After the Leaves results are posted?

Yes, you can find them at www.onteorarunners.org under the results section or you can write me at ssrun54@aol.com and I can send you a copy

:) Steve

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11/28/11-12/4/11 weekly workouts 
Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!

Tuesday Night Tempo Run 11/29/11 Deitz Stadium uptown Kingston. Warmup begins at 6PM. Faster tempo running at 6:25pm and then a cool down approx 70-80 min of total running -can easily be modified for indivdual needs/ability.

Friday NIght Track 12/2/11 Deitz Stadium uptown Kingston. Be warmed up and ready for faster running at 6:15pm. this workout also can be adapted to individual needs/ability.

Sunday Long Run 12/4/11 Spring Farm/Mohonk Preserve 8:30. I am planning on going 15-18 miles but there will be options for 8, 10 and 13 miles,

Remember all are welcome :) Steve

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weekly workouts 11/21-11- 11/27/11 
Hi Everyone,

Workouts this week:

Tuesday Night Tempo 11/22/11 at Deitz Stadium uptown Kingston 6pm warmup total running of about 75-80 minutes.This workout can easily be modified for individual needs

Friday Night Track 11/25/11 Deitz Stadium uptown Kingston be warmed up and ready for faster running at 6:15pm .This workout is conducted by Coach Mike Barnow

Sunday Long Run 11/27/11 Spring Farm /Mohonk Preserve 8:30am

All are welcome

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