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      • Sunday Long Runs 1/30/11 and 2/6/11
        Hi, The Sunday Long Run 1/30/11 will be at the Ashokan Reservoir at 9am meeting at the panhandle parking lot- it will be 10 or 11 miles and organized by Kevin R :) Next Sunday 2/6/11 we will participate in the Mid Hudson RR Winter Run 5 miler In Lagrane near Arlington High School- with a warm up and

      • workouts week of 1/24-1/30/11
        Hi, This weeks workouts will be Tuesday Night Tempo Run 1/25/11 in Kingston at Deitz Stadium begining at 6pm (faster segments to begin at 6:30pm) The tempo running will last for 20-30 minutes total running of ~75 minutes. Friday Night Intervals 1/28/11 indoors at the Suny New Paltz Wellness Center(g

      • workouts for 1/21/11 and 1/23/11
        Hi Everyone, A few of us are heading down to the Armory tonight for some indoor track racing- We will havea a Friday Night Interval Workout at the SUNY New Paltz Wellness Center on 1/21/11. Warmpups begin at 5:30pm with faster running scheduled for 6pm the bldg. closes at 7pm. On Sunday 1/23/11 we w

      • Sunday Long Runs for the Winter
        Hi Everyone, This weekend's Long Run is today saturday as part of the Recover From the Holiday Run at Norrie State Park in Staatsburg start time of 9am. However, the purpose of this blog entry is to "plan" our winter long runs- I'm suggesting people come up with places to run .M

      • Winter CrossTraining
        Hi, I'm jsut wondering what variety of activities people do for cross training in the winter? This year for the first time I am using my bike on an indoor trainer. I've been doing about 2 bike workouts a week- The bike workout fall under 3 different kinds of "catergories" A lacta

      • new blog feature
        [more][more] Hi, Dan has added a blog feature! Tempo run tonight and thorough out the winter on Tuesday nights at Deitz Stadium in Uptown Kingston 6pm warmup.

        On Friday evenings we do a traditional track interval session on the Suny New Paltz's Wellness Center indoor track. Coach Mik

      • BLOG!
        The Shawangunk Running Club Blog is now open for business. If you want to be able to post, please contact Dan Freedman at